5 Facts about causes of car accidents and types of accidents on the road

With the increase in population, and the society always on the road all the time, each highway and road gets pushed to its limit. Apart from the hazards of the public road from the never-ending construction and overuse, the way the vehicles are operated and used is changing also. At  you will get to learn from the attorneys some of the changing traffic hazards that you will observe on the road:

  1. Rideshare services: Companies such as Lyft and Uber have become many, increasing the number of drivers who use the road constantly to provide the service
  2. Cellphones: Even with many adverts condemning the usage of cell phones when driving, it is something that most people cannot stay away from. The distracted driver epidemic continues increasing the damages on the road
  3. Delivery services: There is a rise in instant delivery. Even fast foods are being delivered faster. Drivers speed up to deliver the food to the customer in the shortest time possible.
  4. Commercial product delivery: More delivery vans and overloaded trucks are hurrying to be able to provide everything that you require just by the click of the button or tapping on your phone.
  5. DWI or DUI: About 30 people do die daily from car accidents related to alcohol. With the legalization of marijuana, more people drive while impaired.

The expanding and changing vehicle operation is known to lead directly to the 28% increase of injuries from accidents from vehicles. The accidents can be divided into about six major groups by the accident lawyers:

  • Lane changing accidents: That is when the driver changes lanes illegally or quickly. It can end up causing other drivers to have to swerve, hitting other medians, and colliding with other unsuspecting pedestrians or drivers.
  • Head-on collision: Occurs whereby the vehicle ends up hitting one another head-on. It can cause a lot of fatal accidents and catastrophic injuries.
  • Sideswipe/side-impact: Two vehicles that travel in the same direction when a driver swerves over thereby contacting another car
  • Rear-ended/rear-end accidents: Motorists are hit one another’s car or hit from behind. It causes mostly whiplash injuries or the vehicle gets damaged severely.
  • Impacts of high-speed: Caused by vehicles having speeds of over 40mph. mostly they occur on an interstate highway or as a result of speeding.
  • Rollover accidents: Vehicles and mostly trucks, trailers, or tractors, as well as SUVs, flip on the end or side to side.

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