All Electric RV For Off-Grid Caravanning

The electric ERV has been designed and engineered as a true, off-grid, energy-efficient vehicle equipped with all the modern technologies required to enjoy all the comforts of home while camping. With 14.3kWh of battery power and up to 2,400 watts solar, the ERV is not only powerful but has been tested and proven to withstand all types of conditions, backed by more than five years of continuous R&D and hundreds of our RVs on the road.

Clean energy solar power allows you to stay off-grid for much longer while enjoying all the practicalities and luxuries of domestic living. Composite materials have been used to construct the shell of the ERV as it does not absorb water. This replaces the traditional timber framework that was prone to rot. Because there are no gas fumes from an open flame you can cook outdoors even in areas where there are fire bans.

The Future of Off-Grid Adventure

A common problem that has faced off-road travellers for years was not having enough power to sustain long periods of survival in the Outback where the possibilities of gas refills were either inconvenient or darn right unavailable. With the all-new E-RV, all that has changed.  New innovations and access to advanced technologies have allowed designers and engineers to create a futuristic RV that allows you to enter a whole new world of true, off-grid adventure. Now you can confidently take your family along on any adventure with the confidence that, not only will they be safe and comfortable, but your ERV will supply all the power needed to get you to your destination and back with no problems.

Why Go Electric?

The all-new electric E-RV is completely self-sufficient with no need for a system powered by fossil fuels. After decades of trying to solve the issue of how to provide RVs with enough power to enable prolonged off-road adventures into the Australian Outback and after years of research and testing, our designers and engineers have developed the long-awaited solution to this problem.

Welcome to the world’s first, all-electric RV! Equipped with an automotive-grade, 4.3 kWh, lithium-ion battery and an unprecedented 2,033 watts of roof-mounted solar power, the E-RV is capable of going off-grid for longer periods of time anywhere you wish to travel without the need for constant gas refills. It is also technically enabled by a special Smart Inverter with digital architecture. The energy-efficient cabin, made of composite materials, generates its own clean clean power to provide amenities like hot water showers and stove-top cooking.

The electric E-RV is the latest innovation in the future of caravanning! Fully electric and solar powered, this power plant on wheels is fast becoming the only way to travel when taking on an off-grid adventure.

Some of the features of the E-RV include:

  • A standard, full off-road independent suspension designed for driving on rugged, off-road terrain
  • Optional semi-off road independent suspension
  • 2 Fresh water tanks with an additional tank available as an option
  • A premium solar array of up to 2400 watts for the largest caravan

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