Duties and Responsibilities of Auto Specialists

Auto mechanics, auto specialists, and automotive service technicians are experts trained to conduct an inspection, maintenance, and fixing of different kinds of cars. They work in body repair shops, workshops, or independent repair centres. Some of them however choose to specialize in a specific area or system in a car such as transmission rebuilder, brake technician, or air conditioning technician. Automotive experts undergo training and can use a variety of tools on a range of car models. Their duties include.

  • Restore old and broken parts
  • Conduct maintenance procedures on vehicles
  • Do repairs whenever necessary
  • Inspecting vehicles to identify if there are any issues
  • Creating a work plan for every car
  • Conducting procedures and examination lists.

Auto specialist jobs are changing due to the growth in technology hence the invention of vehicles that require fewer repairs and maintenance done. For one to become an auto mechanic they are required to undergo post-secondary education level, take job training, and finally obtain industry certification. There are auto mechanic schools that offer automotive technician classes and repair training programs. The least grade requirement is a certificate of a diploma in automotive service technology. At all the levels the learners can choose an area of interest to specialize in such as high-performance technology, automotive management, diesel technology, and automotive engineering technology. Topics included in the course work include

  • Brake systems
  • Suspension
  • Engine performance
  • Electronics
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Training

Postsecondary education prepares the professionals by giving them hands-on experience such they do not need much training afterward. The training is supervised by an expert mechanic or technician and sometimes they are only required to be trained on the procedures after being hired by a specific employer. Some employers hire as early as postsecondary education and conduct additional training to equip them to work for them.

Professional certification

To show the competence of an auto mechanic, they obtain certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The certifications are available for different areas of specialization e.g. engine repair, heating, and air conditioning, and brakes. Conditions for certification are 2 years of field experience and passing an examination.

The different specializations include

Service technicians

They offer routine services to vehicles such as checking the level of oil and fluid and replacing them as per the manufacturer’s instructions. They also check on mechanical components, electrical components, fuel, and ignition systems ensuring efficiency and reliability of the fuel system. Their work majorly involves vehicle examination and repair.

Diagnostic Technicians

They diagnose problems in the ignition, electrical, and engine management systems using special tools

Brake and transmission Technicians

Their work involves maintenance services to the braking systems and transmission systems. Breaking specialists. Brake specialists inspect and repair braking systems while transmission technicians ensure the efficiency of steering components and power train.

Body repair technicians

Body Repair Technicians

They restore and repair broken body parts such as headlights, panels, and fenders. The problems can be due to accidents or wear and tear. The repair or replacement should be economical in case of extreme damage to the component. These technicians can also do cosmetic repairs.

Vehicle refinishers and inspectors

Refinishers specialize in improving a car’s appearance by spraying or retouching large areas that have been damaged. Inspectors check the emissions and safety of vehicle components. They inspect to ensure the recommended standards have been reached and issue an inspection sticker.


Auto specialists understand vehicle components and systems and their work requires experience in operating cars. They have inspection skills and decision-making skills when solving problems. They do maintenance and scheduled services on vehicles.

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