Every car owner enjoys the feeling of rolling into a parking lot with a new shiny car. It gives you a complete sense of pride and confidence on a whole new level.  The good thing is, there is a way to give your old car a new effect by having a paint job done. But there is a better option- a vinyl car wrapping. Many people who know the trick that vinyl car wrapping plays would recommend it time again. Vinyl car wrapping at Complete Graphics gives your car a brand new look, and it is more versatile than car painting since it allows you to experiment with different designs. Here is what to know about vinyl car wrapping.


Vinyl car wrapping is not expensive. In any case, it falls within the price range of car painting and depends on the desired modifications. For instance, some people will prefer a regular wrap, but others will require a detailed job depending on the design they want. Generally, you don’t have to break the bank with car wrapping.


The first thing people ask when they hear of vinyl car wrapping is how long it lasts. Well, it can last a long time as long if you take care of your car. If professionally done, it can stay for as long as seven years. Generally, many car owners begin noticing changes after the fourth to the five-year mark. The color and sheen may start to reveal its age, which is natural. Therefore, it is a valuable investment. However, you should avoid shoddy workmanship that shows marks such as creases, bubbles, or premature lifting.


Vinyl car wrapping presents you with various options on how you want your car to look. The colors, patterns, designs, and overall aesthetics are all customizable. You can even select color-shifting schemes designed to change according to the light. You can choose vinyl that mimics materials such as leather, carbon fiber, stainless steel, and you can choose from many types of finishes such as matte, gloss, satin, and semi-gloss. You have an option to create a unique design with car wrapping.


Vinyl car wrapping provides companies with a chance to advertise their businesses on their cars. A company’s car can be wrapped in its logo, address, color, or slogan to expose the business to the public eye. Most of us have seen many companies adverts on cars from pizza delivery to moving companies trucks.


Some people think that car wrapping covers up dents, rust, and other unsightly marks on the car. However, that is not the case, as every imperfection will show beneath the car wrap. If anything, you should have your vehicle cleaned and detailed beforehand. It should be smooth before the application. Any uneven surfaces cause creases, bubbles, and the vinyl doesn’t adhere well.


The vinyl car wrap is removable, usually going one or two ways depending on the car’s maintenance. If the vinyl is structurally intact, removal is easy, but if the wrap comes out in parts, it may take a while, and the labor costs may increase.

The final thoughts

It is important to discuss your options with the car wrapping professional beforehand. Just like anything else, vinyl car wrapping has its drawbacks. For instance, salt used on the road during cold climates takes a toll on the vinyl. Again, you need to maintain your car for the vinyl to serve you well.

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