Handy Looks at Why You Should Buy Car Covers for Spare Tire


You may have seen spare tires on the back of SUVs and jeeps. Generally, they are covered in spare tire covers. If you are not sure about buying one, you are on the right page. In this article, Handy explains a few reasons to purchase car covers for your spare tire. Based on the benefits spares tire covers offer, we can say that every 4×4 owner should go for them. Without further ado, let’s get into details.

Protection Against UV rays

If you park your 4×4 in the same spot every day, the sunlight will hit your vehicle at the same angle every day. Although ultraviolet rays won’t damage the four wheels and tires, they can damage the spare wheels and tires. The problem is that the tailgate-mounted tires don’t rotate. Therefore, they will get damaged because the same spot is exposed to the sun for hours.

In automotive tires, a reaction happens between the rubber and the atmospheric zone. As a result, the rubber becomes dry and brittle. In other words, you will notice cracks on the tires that cannot be repaired. Manufacturers create a blend of rubber and wax to prevent ozone degradation. Since this wax can be effective only if it comes to the surface of the tire, the spare tire can’t have this protection because it does not rotate.

The wheels may also suffer whether they are chromed, polished, or painted. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may degrade the finish over time. Therefore, if you want to protect your spare tire and wheel, you may purchase soft tire covers. They are available in different colors and sizes.

Protection against theft

According to police, keeping an expensive item concealed can reduce the chances of theft by 50%. Since it is difficult for burgers to break into modern vehicles, they look for easy targets. One of these targets is the tailgate-mounted spare tire.

Therefore, if you conceal your spare tire with a car tire cover, it will be less noticeable in parking garages or parking lots. Some of these spare tire covers come with a cable lock kit. With this kit, you can secure the cover to your 4×4 spare wheel. Therefore, if you want to protect your spare tire against theft, you may want to use a spare tire.

A Finished and Complementary Look

A covered spare tire gives a finished look to the back of your 4×4. Hardshell covers can add color and style to your spare tire. Since they are available in different colors, chances are that you will be able to find one that will match your truck.

If you like solid colors, you can go for vehicle-specific covers from reputable brands. Alternatively, you can also go for a cover that you can paint yourself. It all boils down to your personal preferences.


In short, if you think that the reasons give by Handy are convincing enough, we suggest that you purchase covers for your spare tire. This purchase will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits given in this article.

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