How to Claim Insurance for Your Scooty?

It’s no surprise that a huge part of the Indian population relies heavily on two-wheelers. They are most sought after as they help people move through heavy traffic and narrow roads. Two-wheelers are also quite easy to handle and park, making them a convenient choice for small-distance travelling or daily commutes.

Among the different types of two-wheelers available in the country, scooties are quite popular. Many two-wheeler drivers prefer gearless vehicles as they can be swiftly maneuvered. Scooties are also quite easy to maintain, fuel-efficient and comfortable. However, they are light bikes and the roads are quite unpredictable so extensive damage is very much a possibility in them even in small accidents. This is why you must get a two-wheeler insurance plan for your scooty.

How can I buy insurance for a scooty?

To buy insurance for your scooty, you must first analyze your insurance requirements and look through the different plans available. Comparing the different plans online will help you select a suitable plan for yourself. With a bike insurance plan for your scooty, you can protect your scooty from unfortunate events.

You can now get two wheeler insurance online as well. Getting scooty insurance online is not just easy but a well-researched decision. You can also renew your bike insurance plan through your insurer’s website. For instance, to complete the TATA AIG bike insurance renewal online, you must visit their official website and follow just 3 basic steps. While getting online insurance for scooty will help you, you must also understand when you should file a claim.

Can I pay scooty insurance online?

You can make the payment for your scooty insurance online by visiting your insurance company’s official website. Once you visit the website, you must fill out all the required forms, provide the required documents and make the payment.

How to claim scooty insurance?

There are numerous scenarios where you may have to raise an insurance claim for your scooty. Let’s look at them individually.

Third-party insurance claim for a scooty:

  1. In the event of an accident including a third party, you must inform your insurance company as soon as possible.
  2. You can’t settle the claim with a third party without contacting the insurance company.
  3. For legal scenarios, your insurance company will support you in the court of law, and the premium amount will be based on the court’s decision.
  4. You must ensure that you inform at the closest police station before filing a third-party insurance claim. Based on the Motor Vehicles Act, any injured individual or third party can raise a claim against the insurance company. For such situations, it will be a breach of contract not to contact the insurance company.

Filing a claim in the event of the scooty’s accident:

  1. You must contact your insurance company to initiate the two-wheeler insurance claim process.
  2. For cases that include serious accidents or injuries, it is important to inform the insurer before the damaged vehicles are moved off the road. This is required for your insurance company to investigate the accident spot and to start the claim process.
  3. Your scooty will be moved at any of the registered workshops or network garages, and an estimate of the full damage will be provided.
  4. Once the claim forms and formalities are finished, the insurance company will analyze the damage, estimate the claim cost, and fix the amount required accordingly.
  5. You will have to provide your scooty’s registration certificate and your driving license to handle the claim. Your insurance company will ensure that you hold a valid license and your scooty is insured by them.
  6. Once the process is completed, the scooty will be repaired, and your bill will be settled or handled by the network garage for you.

 The insurance claim process for own scooty damage:

  1. If you have suffered severe injuries, you must try to get medical aid immediately. It would help if you considered the damage that has happened, the place of the incident, time and all the individuals involved in the incident to support the claim process. However, you must refrain from attempting a mutual compromise.
  2. If the damage was caused due to disasters or malicious threats like a deliberate attempt to hamper your scooty, theft, strikes and terrorist activity, you must also file a police FIR early.
  3. In the event of extreme damage, you should not move from the location. You must not try to fix the scooty on your own.
  4. If your two-wheeler insurance plan includes a roadside assistance cover or if there’s a garage close by, you can estimate the damage repair and the calculated cost to deal with the damage.
  5. Do not misplace the damaged parts as it may not be helpful for the insurance surveyor.
  6. You will have to inform your insurance company and fill up the claim form attaching the police report with it.
  7. If your insurance plan offers a cashless facility, you must ensure that you provide all the documents, driving license, RC, and damage repair estimate to your insurance company.
  8. After this, your claim settlement should be decided, and you will be compensated for the incident.

The insurance claim process for scooty theft:

  1. First of all, file a police complaint.
  2. After you have filed an FIR, you must ensure that you contact your insurer.
  3. Provide all the necessary information about your scooty, such as loan information, mileage, scooty color, model, features, purchase year and a list of all the items lost through the theft.
  4. You must also inform the RTO about the theft.
  5. If your scooty is found by the authorities, you must inform your insurance company to claim compensation for any damage caused to your scooty and the items lost.
  6. If the scooty can’t be traced, the police will issue a Non-Traceable Certificate (NTC), which is crucial to acquire the claim amount for the vehicle’s theft.
  7. You will get final compensation depending on the IDV of your scooty.


Thus, getting an insurance plan for your scooty is quite beneficial as it would keep your vehicle safe, provide optimal benefit and support in case a claim is lodged for large expenses.

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