Reasons Why You Should Go for Windshield Replacement

Appalling as it may appear, motorists rarely pay attention to the condition of their vehicle’s windscreen. No wonder it is common to see people driving with cracks penetrating even to the inner glass layer.

This neglect comes from ignorance. If as a car owner you understand the importance of car windscreen in all its fullness, they would take good care and healing it deserves.

A car’s windscreen is responsible for protecting the driver and passengers against dust, debris, stones, heavy winds, and impacts or accidents. Further, it gives your vehicle structural integrity, visibility when driving while also facilitating proper airbag deployment.

This is why a damaged windshield shouldn’t be a small matter.  read more on why you should take your car for windshield replacement.

  1. Fix Cracks

A car windscreen becomes essential if a crack starts or ends at the edge of a windscreen. It also becomes a necessity where the crack has resulted in damage to the windscreen’s polyvinyl butyral layer. A crack on the windscreen weakens the structural integrity of your vehicle that’s why you should get it replaced instead of being repaired.

Yes, undertaking repairs on a cracked windscreen may compromise the integrity of the glass. No matter how small the crack appears on the windscreen to your naked eye, the structural loss endangers your life and that of other car occupants. That’s why getting a car windscreen replacement by professionals has become essential.

  1. Improper Windscreen Installation

Do you hear a ‘whooshing sound’ when driving your vehicle even when the windows are closed? It’s because the windshield wasn’t properly installed. The same happens when you hear rattling sounds when driving on a bumpy road.

And yes, light distortion, wavy patterns on the glass, and decreased clarity are signs of an incorrect windscreen replacement procedure. Further, if you were allowed to drive the vehicle immediately after the installation, then you’ll have a defective installation.

Therefore, don’t drive your vehicle before allowing the adhesive to cure and set in place. Otherwise, the glass will shift resulting in a faulty installation.

  1. Irreparable Chips

Some but not all chips on the windscreen can be repaired. For instance, if the chip diameter exceeds 40mm in diameter, a car windscreen replacement becomes inevitable. Further, if the chip damage extends beyond the two layers of the windshield, replacement becomes essential.

When dealing with chips, only two repairs can be done on the windscreen. A third repair necessitates a replacement. If your windscreen is littered with chips, more than two, then contact a professional to replace it for you.

And yes, a chip is not repairable if it is in the driver’s line of sight. In all these cases, a replacement acts to guard the integrity of your windshield.


Is your windscreen cracked, chipped, loose, pitted, or rattling? Then a replacement is inevitable. For quality results, get a professional to undertake the replacement for you. That’s the only way to ensure you get value for your money while also improving the structural integrity of your vehicle.

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