Tools You Should Carry while going on a Long Ride

Until a few years ago, high powered bikes have been the chosen companions for long-distance motorcycle trips. However, a lot has changed with the availability of powerful motorcycles. Bikes are still popular, but there are several other choices. Keeping that in mind, here are some essential points to remember while planning a long-distance trip with the best two-wheeler in India.


Sometimes, a multi-tool can prove to be a champion in various situations with or without a motorcycle. A multipurpose tool is a survival tool for any rider. It is compact and comes handy during emergency situations; it provides all the important tools in 200cc bikes in India with price and mileage and tools necessary to carry out for roadside maintenance. The multi-tool comes with a combination of:

  • pliers
  • knife
  • can opener
  • bottle opener
  • corkscrew
  • screwdriver
  • wire cutters
  • leather punch
  • saw
  • masseuse
  • scissors
  • nail file


When you are driving in the night, no tool can help you other than the source of light. Using your motorcycle’s light is not a good option as you can’t move in the required direction every time. So, a flashlight is equally important like any other tool in your kit.

Flat repair kit

You should always keep a puncture repair kit along on your long rides as the puncture is one of the most common problems. While there is no solution for a bike tyre except puncture repair and that can be repaired only with a repairing kit. You can also avoid these problems and find any options for them.

Allen key and Torx bits

Nowadays, shopkeepers are replacing the normal bolts and screws with the Allen or Torx type, which can’t be driven using a normal screwdriver or wrench. So, you should have a set of Allen keys or Torx bits depending, whichever type of bolts and screws are used on your bike. The best advantage of these kinds of tools is their compact size, so they can be kept easily without compromising on a considerable part of storage capacity.

Multi-bit screwdriver

A multi-bit screwdriver can be used on any type and size of screw including plus, minus and Torx. So, you can do multitasking with this kind of a tool and a small amount is used as an extender for the Allen keys for a little extra leverage.

Locking Plier

Locking pliers are available in different types, such types are locking clamps and there are various shapes to fix metal parts for welding. They also come in many sizes. It can be adjusted and locked for any size of the bolt and can be used as a normal wrench. Now the additional work of a locking plier can be used to hold the parts together with the help of electric tape.

Electrical tape

Frequently, the electrical tape is used to fix the wiring issues and that often occurs in your motorcycle sometimes. Having said that, it can also be used to fix the broken parts like indicators, loose or broken panels, levers, lights and much more.

The bottom line

There are many more tips to making a long-distance ride more enjoyable and safe, but the above-mentioned tips are the core essentials. Long rides are all about fun and adventure until it turns disgusting when your bike meets with an unexpected problem. So before going for a long ride, be prepared for some repairing techniques and a comparable set of tools.

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