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Why You Should Get a Yearly Car Service – the benefits of getting your car serviced regularly

Your automobile is a crucial part of your everyday life, and it is crucial for you to start your day with it. Consider how difficult it would be to go to work without a vehicle. Wouldn’t that be a hassle? However, if you want high performance in the long term, you must take special care of your automobile, through different maintenance services like yearly car service and MOT from Colwills Garage. Let’s check out the major difference between the two.

What is the difference between a MOT and a service?

A service is not the same as a MOT (Ministry of Transport). An MOT is a yearly inspection that your automobile must get to ensure it is safe to drive. An MOT test is a visual inspection that must be passed or the vehicle will be judged unsafe and will not be permitted on the road until the faults are resolved. The truth is that receiving a MOT certificate for your automobile is the government’s minimum requirement of road safety. An MOT expert is required by law to inspect around 20 areas of your vehicle.

Getting a service in between MOTs can also help you pass and keep your vehicle on the road. If you have kept up with your car’s maintenance, you are less likely to incur an unexpected fee during your MOT, which is always a plus.

What are the advantages of having my automobile serviced?

There are several advantages to having your automobile serviced, but for the sake of this article, I will attempt to narrow them down.

Prevention is preferable to intervention.

Your car’s health is identical to your body’s health. If you take care of your body while you are young, it will be simpler to maintain your health when you are older. Your vehicle is the same.

If you get frequent services, the bill may seem to be unneeded at the time. However, if you are ignorant of an issue or neglect it, the repair may be far more costly. Consider engine oil, which is particularly formulated to keep your engine lubricated. There is no issue if your car’s oil runs low and has to be refilled. However, if your engine runs out of oil while you are driving, you might find yourself in a perilous scenario, and your engine will begin to fail.


It is easy to put off having your vehicle maintained because of the expense, but maintaining your automobile in excellent shape can help it run at its best. This also implies higher fuel efficiency. So you are not only saving money by avoiding expensive repairs, but you are also saving money in the long term.


When your automobile is in good operating order, it is safer to drive on the road. Furthermore, it is less likely to break down in an inconvenient location, putting yourself and others in risk. The more miles you travel, the more wear and tear your car experiences. Just because your automobile seems to be in good working order does not imply that it is.

The ease of use

When you are going about your regular business, breaking down might be one of the most inconvenient circumstances. Your chances of breaking down are reduced if you continue to provide your services. If your automobile is a little older, frequent service may extend its lifetime, allowing you to retain it for a longer period of time. Finally, if you have taken care of your vehicle, reselling it will be simpler since it shows the buyer that the automobile has all the comfort that comes with vehicle service.

So, if you choose a vehicle service plan, here are five of its advantages:

Avoid costly bills:

With a car maintenance plan, you spend a minimal amount on your vehicle for each service and are protected for your vehicle’s future maintenance requirements. Regular quality maintenance reduces the likelihood of an expensive defect happening since problems are discovered and handled sooner.

With a vehicle service plan, you may avoid hefty and unwanted expenses while also avoiding being stranded in the middle of nowhere. Furthermore, you have your automobile maintained on the cheap with pros. You may also read our writings on how to save money on vehicle service in Dubai.

Forget about inflated costs:

When prices rise, so does the expense of having your automobile serviced. This is when having a vehicle service plan comes in handy. It is a fantastic ROI since your automobile requires frequent maintenance, thus the money you pay in monthly installments or as an upfront service cost will be utilized to have your vehicle repaired on a regular basis.

If your automobile does not have an appropriate service plan, the rates for regular maintenance will rise to adjust for inflation every time you take your vehicle to a garage. This, however, will not occur if your vehicle is outfitted with necessary servicing plans.

Authentic components:

When you choose an auto maintenance plan, you know that the car care provider will utilize genuine components for your vehicle since you will be returning to the same provider at regular intervals. As a result, your vehicle will have components that have been certified by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the work is performed by professional and qualified personnel, so you can be certain in the quality of the service offered.

Improved road performance:

A car that has been properly maintained will operate more efficiently. As a result, it will help you save fuel and wear and tear. Regular quality maintenance reduces the likelihood of an expensive defect happening since problems are discovered and handled sooner. As a result, since your automobile is in excellent shape, you may sell it for a greater price.

Peace of Mind

Last but not least, the main advantage of having a vehicle service plan is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the expense of servicing is already covered. A car maintenance plan ensures that your vehicle is maintained on a regular basis. All you have to do is take your automobile to a nearby vehicle servicing facility. As a result, you may take lengthy journeys or automobile vacations without fear of your vehicle breaking down. You will also avoid being stuck due to the state of your vehicle, saving you time and money.

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