Winter Is Coming — Get the Best-Selling Snow Plow Warning Lights On Sale

The Best-Selling Snow Plow Warning Lights On Sale — What to Get and Where

Some kind of LED warning lights are an essential piece of equipment and safety measure for all snow plow operators. They increase visibility and reduce the risk of accidents by alerting other drivers and pedestrians alike of potential danger, which is particularly important in winter, i.e., in low-visibility weather with common snowstorms, rain, and fog. Getting high-quality emergency warning lights and sirens, however, can be an expensive venture, especially if you’ve got a whole fleet of vehicles to furnish. Luckily, you can get the best-selling snow plow warning lights on sale throughout most of the year and prepare for the colder season in advance.

Why You Need Them

As we’ve said, LED vehicle warning lights are an essential safety measure for snow plow drivers for a number of reasons:

  • Increased visibility: While you might assume it’s impossible to miss a snow plow on the road, considering how bulky they are, you’d be surprised to find out how often people drive straight into them. That is highly surprising since they operate in low-visibility weather conditions that render them hard to detect. With a good set of LED strobe warning lights, though, your machine will remain visible at all times.
  • Accident prevention: Speaking of how bulky snow plows are, we can’t but mention how dangerous their size might be, especially on narrow or damaged roads. By making the road more visible, you’ll be able to operate the vehicle more safely and rest assured you will never cause any accidents or collisions.
  • Road clearing: The whole point of a snow plow is to clear the road of snow, but that’s not an easy task when there are a bunch of people and cars already on the road. If they can see you approaching from a distance, pedestrians will know it’s time to relocate and let you do your job, while other drivers will seek other routes, knowing the road ahead is not navigable.

In addition, it is illegal in some states and counties to operate a snow plow without some kind of warning lights, even when weather conditions would seemingly allow for it. Failing to follow these rules and regulations will surely result in a number of penalties, and your business will suffer in the best-case scenario; at the worst, you’ll lose your snow plow operating license.

What to Get and Where

There are many options when it comes to snow plow lights, both in terms of optical technology and mounting systems. What’s most important, however, is that you get something durable and resistant to the elements, as you’ll be working in harsh winter conditions where snow, ice, and rain are common occurance. Fortunately, you can get all the reliability in the world at fair, competitive prices at SpeedTech Lights.

SpeedTech Lights is a leading snow plow, truck, and police lights retailer. All products on SpeedTech Lights shelves are designed with utmost reliability in mind, so they’ll keep you visible in even the poorest of weather conditions.

SpeedTech Lights products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, too, from compact hideaway lights to full-size light bars for larger trucks, and they’re made by the most trustworthy manufacturers in the industry, so they’ll withstand any sort of external force.

Full-Size Light Bars

Full-size light bars are a rather popular choice not only for snow plow drivers but safety vehicle operators of all sorts, and for a good reason. Namely, they provide good visibility as their size makes them quite bright and versatile, especially if you’ve got a kit with adjustable and customizable flashing patterns.

This K-Force Light Bar, for example, is super bright and offers fantastic 360-degree visibility while remaining energy efficient. Naturally, its aluminum/polycarbonate hybrid housing will ensure no ice and snow can damage it, so you can rest assured your work will be done in no time, with no interruptions.


Beacons, usually rotating strobe beacons, are probably the most common type of lighting solution for snow plows, construction vehicles, and farm equipment. These lights are visible from a great distance, they’re recognizable and familiar to pedestrians and drivers alike, and they’re quite cost-efficient, as a rule. Not to mention that they’re also quite easy to install most of the time.

This dual-memory beacon model, for example, although smaller in size, provides some fantastic 72 watts of output. In addition, it’s got over thirty flashing patterns, so you can adjust it on the go, depending on the job you’ve got on your hands.

Spotlight and Rotating Lights

Spotlights are great for illuminating specific areas as they produce a beam of concentrated light that illuminates pretty much everything you target it at. Rotating lights, on the other hand, serve as a more long-distance safety measure, alerting others on the road of your presence. Combined together, these two types of light are highly flexible lighting solutions.

For something versatile, you can check out this 4-Pack Flash Carbine kit. Thanks to its wide angle, it will serve as both spotlight and warning light, eliminating the need to buy additional equipment. In total, it’s got ten powerful LEDs outputting a total of over 2,700 lumens, which will be more than enough for most people.

Additional Gear

In addition to lights, you’ll probably want to have some additional safety gear on you at all times, for example, some road flares. This beacon flare model, for example, is rechargeable and comes with a carrying case for extra convenience. It’s also got sixteen LEDs and nine flash patterns, so it’s quite a versatile addition to your safety gear. Naturally, it should go without mentioning that it’s more than durable, water resistant, and easy to use, so you won’t have to waste a lot of time setting it up when in a pinch. 

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